Last weekend I saw this movie called Tumbledown. I wasn’t looking for anything deep or meaningful. Mostly I needed to watch something easy without needing to read the subtitles – as it has been the case with all the Chinese movies I have been watching lately.

For once, Netflix didn’t disappoint me with its suggestions, as it showed highlighted this gentle and easy movie in my home screen.

My first thought was that I didn’t particularly like the main guy (Jason Sudeikis), but I did – I do – like the main actress. I think Rebecca Hall is an underrated beauty, very much like Scarlett Johansson, with a beautiful face and body and very sensual voice… and yet, inexplicably not so famously sexy… Perhaps the dark hair…?

Back to the point: I liked the film. It is an OK story, with predictable ending, yet interesting enough to keep watching. It shows some astonishing scenery from Maine (in theory) and it leaves you with a positive feeling and kind of incipient desire for wilderness.

Mission accomplished: I could go to bed satisfied.

Little was I expecting that it would linger in my head for days… not so much the movie, but the music. But then, of course, the music is a great part in the film, as the whole story revolves around a folk singer who tragically and unexpectedly died leaving some good, yet scarce work behind.

I woke the next morning with the tune of one of the songs in my head. I looked up the soundtrack in Spotify and listened to it a couple of times. And then I kept going with my life.

Well, can you believe that today it was on my head again?

I have just listened to the music again and after feeling emotional and truly in love with it, I needed to share it with you. Just listen to this song, feel its calmness, its rhythm and listen to the powerful lyrics. While doing this, close your eyes and let go of everything else around you.

Perhaps then you will know what I mean.  All are welcome in.

Two little anecdotes

1) I was sitting in a café in Edinburgh, trying to read and ignore the conversation that a couple of guys in their early twenties were having in the adjacent table. Such conversation went along the terms of: “Yeah, she kissed me and that kiss came out of nowhere” or “what I do is try to keep it cool. So I stay cool but also I know what I want, you know…?”.

Conversation of such a high standard did not really helped me form any opinion about the pair, as I understood how young they were and therefore the seriousness of the matter to them… Until one of them said:”…I could meet her earlier if she didn’t go to fucking Glasgow… ” And then, THEN, I totally thought: “Yeh twats!”

2) I got a new and very needed pair of boots. I have been delaying the purchase, because I am the kind of person that wants to make sure things are well used before disposing of them. But because I am older and all that, I have got myself a really nice pair of boots, rather smart, leathery and waterproof at the same time, but above all comfortable.

Before leaving the café to move on to my next stop I thought it would be nice to put them on, so I did a little detour to the toilet with such idea in mind.

As I finally set a foot in the street wearing my new shoes I decided to listen to Paolo Nutini’s song by the same title and there I went, walking along Princes St, unable to hold a massive smile and thinking: “You’re right, Paolo, I put my new shoes on and everything is right”.